9/11 Loving Memorial carved by 98 year old Aunt Victoria – daughter of Italian Immigrants

98 Year Old Aunt Victoria

“Her Hand Carved 9/11 Memorial” 

Daughter of Italian Immigrants


The photo below is our Aunt Victoria. She is 98 years young. We celebrated her birthday with her last week on August 31, 2016. 

She is holding in her hand a Memorial piece that she created herself from raw blocks of wood in tribute to all those poor souls that lost their lives that horrific day.



Frustrated in her inability to help she wanted to do something to show her solidarity. 

Staunchly independent this strong and yet adorably sweet woman has been an inspiration to many in our family. No actual children of her own Aunt Vic as one of 8 siblings had many nephews and nieces to help with and care for during her time so far here on earth. 

I just wanted to share this photo of her and the heartfelt tribute that she created. 

All the best 

Frank Granieri


God Bless America 

Everybody Loves Italian

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