Da’ Backhousa’ – “Priceless” word from back in the day?

Da’ Backousa’

I’ll bet anyone of Italian ancestry whose family moved to an english speaking country back in the day remembers this word.


My grandparents on my Dad’s side had 11 children during the early part of the last century. My Grandfather built their home in Willow Grove Pennsylvania. It was a typical Italian structure. Stone, Plaster and Concrete large enough for that big Calabrese family. It had a huge garden, cherry and fig trees, an outside fireplace, wine cellar and a beautiful front porch where the men would congregate in the evenings to play guitars and sing together. You notice I didn’t mention running water or a bathroom. Yes well that’s because they didn’t have either or well at least in the way that we know it now.

For running water they had an old fashioned well pump in the kitchen sink and for their bathroom they had an outhouse. They called it

Da’ backhousa’

I sit here as I write this and have to shake me head. What a memory. Eleven kids, six girls and five boys. All born at home before and during the depression. Grandpop was a stone mason with no work in the winter. They could barely speak the language and yet they were able to raise a family of honest, caring people.

And think about it. Six girls and no bathroom. Unbelievable and yet when you see photos from back then everyone was neat and clean with smiles on their faces. I know that most of our families from other countries around the world had the same experience.

So I put my thought into this video below. I hope you enjoy it. It does my heart good to know that so many of us share the same memory and to put the thought of those people back into our minds.

I hope you enjoy this video  as much as I enjoyed making it and….

 as Dominic and I always say. We wish you lots of huggin’ and kissin’ and all good things for you and your families.

Keep smilin’, We Love ya’ and always remember that all over the world….

Everybody  Loves Italian

Enjoy the Video Below


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