“Eggs in a Nest” – Helen Cavallo Italian Cook Book

Eggs in a Nest Recipe

Helen Cavallo


This is our favorite way to serve eggs especially during the Holidays. Just seems special.

I remember my Mom making our breakfast this way long ago.

Now my wife and I get a kick out of serving our Grandchildren this way for special occasions. It just makes that time together seem more magical.

Does that make any sense…? It does to me.


How to Make Eggs in a Nest

Helen Cavallo


You may also recall the Kitchen scene in the movie Moonstruck when Rose made eggs this way for Loretta…. Remember…?! 

Hope you Enjoy this Wonderful Video / Recipe and Have a Warm Holiday Season

Helen Cavallo is wonderful in this video there will be more good stuff to come from her in the future.


Hope You Enjoy This Wonderful Video Below and Have a Great Day

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