Eggs in a Nest – Frank’s Thought “Growin’ Up Italian”

Eggs in a Nest

Excellent Breakfast or Elegant Lunch

Frank’s Thought – “Growin’ Up Italian”


Remember Moon struck when Rose made “Eggs in a Nest” for Loretta…. Did your mom or grandmom every make this for you?

I remember especially on Saturday mornings ….. I don’t know why but it always felt special when Mom served these for breakfast. Just a piece of toasted bread with a hole in it but for some reason it just seemed like a real treat. Even today when we make it at home for adults you kind of get the same feeling. 

So take a moment, read the Recipe and then watch the very cute video on the next page by Helen Cavallo as she explains the simple way that it’s done and then surprise your kids or grand-kids the next time they’re over.

Really a neat thing. 

Written Recipe and Video Recipe

on the

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