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Have Some Fun – Lose Some Weight

Breakfast – “Colazione”

Frank’s Style

I don’t believe in diets. The first three letters of the word spell DIE.

No thank you…. 

I do believe in modifying my food intake however. Usually throughout my life I have eaten a great deal of food. In fact Eating good food is a passion of mine. That said I also am vain and I don’t want to die any time soon. So… I have decided to eat smaller portions and get my weight down to a more “fun” size. 

I like wearing nice clothes, walking without a struggle and being able to look in the mirror without cringing. And I like it when my knees don’t creak, my eyes don’t twitch and when I generally feel better. 

So..not one to deprive myself I thought I would share my unconventional approach to both losing weight, staying healthy and enjoying the process. I admit it’s a little unconventional but hey I like being unconventional.  

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on Breakfast and look forward to my take on lunch and dinner in future videos.. 

Keep in mind this is the way I lose weight but if you think I’ll be doing this forever… Fugghetaboutit! 

After about two months I will re-introduce the foods that I love just with smaller portions. This is just my approach to Breakfast (Colazione) and to losing weight for all the right reasons. 

As Sinatra used to say.. “I hope you live a hundred years and may the last voice you hear… be mine”

Luv ya 

Hope you enjoy the video


 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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