Frank Granieri – Frank’s Thought – We wassa’ better offa’ …

Frank Granieri

We wassa’ better offa’

When we wassa’ worse offa’


Remember back in the day when families were close? Big celebrations…. Weddings, Christenings, family visits during the holidays, Sunday dinners at Grandmom’s…. Remember?

Well if makes me wonder ..

In this video below I describe a memory of mine. It was a conversation with my friend Salvatore from Caltinassetta, Sicily. We were  talking about many of the changes we had witnessed through the years and he wondered out loud.

Frank you know sometinga’

“I tinka’ we wassa’ better offa’ when we wassa’ worse offa’ “


Enjoy this short video clip below as Frank recalls that memory


We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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