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Pepper and Egg Sandwich

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I have had a loving relationship with pepper and egg sandwiches for all my life. When my uncle John took us fishing as kids this was the sandwich he made for us to take on the trip.


Pepper and Egg Sandwich


When my mother made me lunch as I was still living at home and working for my friend Tony’s dad Luigi she made Pepper and Egg sandwiches to die for. 



Pepper and Egg Sandwich like Mom used to make


And when my buddies and I would rent a motor home to take down to Rock Hall Maryland crabbing for the day Pepper and Egg sandwiches that we were up all night making by the way, came along for the ride. About 75 of them if your asking.


Pepper and Egg Sandwiches


Pepper and Egg sandwiches were back at that time the sandwich of choice. Then sometime in the late 60’s as I recall there was the egg scare that gripped the country. Everyone all of a sudden became fearful of eggs. OMG Cholestrol …… It seemed like the cholestrol monster crawled out from his cave and began terrifying everyone.


Pepper and Egg Sandwich


Then some time later we learned that the whole egg scare was perpetrated by the cereal manufacturers in order to get people to stop eating eggs for breakfast and begin eating their cereal.  I think that is what happened. 


Pepper and Egg Sandwich


Now with all that behind us eggs are back on the list as food that is really good for us. We have re-discovered the Pepper and Egg Sandwich. Take a look at the our video just below and then click on  the recipe from Laura Vitale below that and get back to eating this wonderful sandwich. 

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Laura Vitale 

Pepper & Egg Sandwich

Video recipe below

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