Frank Granieri – “Let’s Have Coffee” Saint Valentines Day Sing Along – Lyrics & Videos

Vogliamoci Tanto Bene

(We Love Each Other Very Much)

In una busta fatta di passione

ho messo questa lettera per te

i foli solamenti na canzone i baci sono le note che viverano per te

I versi li ha fatti un gran poeta

Che scrive le poesie solo per me

E se lo vuoi sapere si chiama cuore

E questa implorazione l’ha dedicata a te.


Vogliamoci tanto bene, amore mio,
il cuore ti dice: “non lasciarmi più”.
Abbracciati forte a me, non dirmi addio

perchè io non vivo se mi manchi tu.

Se tu puoi scordare i baci che ti ho dato
ricordati quelli che tu hai dato a me
quel giorno che a Lungo a Tevere
giurasti l’eterno amor.

Vogliamoci tanto bene, ma tanto ancor

Ma Tanto oh oh oh… Ancor…

English Translation

Basic message of the song

In an envelope made of passion
I place this letter for you,
the sheet is only a song
the kisses are the notes, that vibrate for you.

The verses were written by a great poet,
writing poems just for you,
and if you want to know … It’s about the heart
and this imploration is dedicated to you.


My heart implores: “don’t leave .”
We need to passionately embrace, not say goodbye

Because I do not live if I lose you.
If you can forget the kisses I gave you
remember those you have given me
that day along the Tevere 
We swore eternal love.
Caring for each other, but even so
we love each other so much my love,
My heart implores: “don’t leave.”

We need to passionately embrace, not say goodbye.

We Love each other so much now and forever more. 


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  1. Frank, It’s me check the email address, I’m trying to get in touch with you. I don’t have your personal email so I hope you receive this message. Miss you and the ELI family xoxox Barb xo

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