Frank Granieri Growin’ Up Italian – Wonderful Grandparents

Frank Granieri 

Growin’ Up Italian

Wonderful Grandparents

It always has fascinated me how people emigrated to America and other countries, usually  couldn’t speak the language and somehow made a success of themselves.

In my case all four of my grandparents came from Italy back in the early part of the last century. They came with nothing…. you know the drill… worked very hard, raised good families and became rock solid citizens of their respective new land.

These were usually people with little formal education. They spoke mainly a dialect from their region in Italy. Suffered prejudice back in the day for being dagos, wops, wogs, etc. and yet rose to the occasion.  

This is a short story of two of my grand parents. Julia and Carl (Cusanelli) Kusnell. She came here at 7 he at 9 ultimately raising a family of 8 through the depression. 

They never complained, always seemed to have a positive attitude, were married for over 50 years and gave a huge amount of love to their children and grandchildren. 

There is much to learn from the stories about people like this. I mention them all the time to my children. 

Take a few minutes and join us in the video below. You probably have similar memories. 

Thanks Grandmom and Grandpop

Miss You

Video Below



 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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