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Frank’s Thought Growin’ Up Italian

Old World Dentistry 


Back in the day when I was Growin’ Up Italian

My Dad Frank Paul Granieri … who never complained about anything, who never knew the word No, who never asked for help… PULLED HIS OWN TEETH. 

Oh Yeah… Pulled his own teeth. He would get a pair of pliers from out of the tool box. You know the tool box that housed all the tools that he used to do things like remove an engine or fix a dent in a chassis.. yeah those tools and… put it over a plumbers’ torch, dip it in alcohol and yup… pulled his own teeth.  

And you know what… He never got sick. No Novocaine, no pain pills, no nuthin’ and… after pulling his tooth he would put it in a jar with alcohol, swish some whiskey around in his mouth, spit it out and go back to work.

Didn’t go to sleep or take the day off.

Just went back to work.  

And he wasn’t alone. Many people from back in the day did the same thing. A different breed those people. Strong and able to do pretty much anything. I really miss him and my Mom too. Every time I brush my teeth I think of him.

Ya’ just can’t make this stuff up.

Just something that people did back in the day as we were Growin’ Up Italian.  

Thanks Dad for being strong for us.

Luv ya’

Hope you kids enjoy the video below



 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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