Italian Avalanche – Buries Hotel – Emergency

Italian Avalanche

Buries Hotel in Central Italy

We don’t realize how much difficulty Emergency workers have to go through in an effort to save people in this type disaster. Imagine, there are people buried alive, freezing temperatures, an area very remote and extremely difficult to access. It’s dark, snowing, very windy and there is a continued risk of more earthquake related snow slides. 

We have to give a huge amount of credit to those strong men and women that are risking their own lives to save the lives of others. 

Our hearts go out to those still alive waiting to be saved under all that snow and debris. We send our thoughts and prayers to them.

Take a moment and watch this video to get an idea what they go through in their effort to bring people to safety. 

Dio Li Benedica



 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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