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Delicacy of Sardinia –

 “Pane Carasau” –



Pane carasau is a Traditional Italian Flatbread from Sardinia.

It is thin and crisp, usually in the form of a dish half a meter wide made by taking baked flat bread, then separating it into two sheets which are baked again. This is an ancient recipe conceived for shepherds, who used to stay far from home for months at a time.

Pane carasau is also known as “carta musica” (sheet music) due to its resemblance to the parchment paper that sacred music was written on. Traces of the bread were found in the nuraghi (traditional Sardinian stone buildings) and it was therefore already in existence before 1000 BC.

Pane carasau can last up to one year if it is kept dry. The bread can be eaten either dry or wet (with water, wine, or sauces).

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Pane Carasau –

Delicacy of Sardinia –


Still today, these disks of bread have to be removed from the oven, and with great skill, cut along their circumference and divided into sheets. The sheets are then stacked one on top of another with the pourous side facing the outside. The bread is then baked another time to obtain its crispiness and characteristic color, or carasatura.

In the past, having been prepared for the sheepherders that had to attend their herds, the bread was folded in half during cooking, when the bread was still flexible, to reduce its size and allowing for it to fit in a knap sack.


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