Let’s Fall in Love and Resurrect Romance

Let’s Fall in Love


Resurrect Romance

In today’s world we don’t really talk about romance all that much. Seems like much of the magic between men and women has been lost to the modern day approach. 

Does that make me out of touch….? No I think it’s just the opposite.. 

Life in my mind should be looked at through a romantic prism. I think it makes people happy. In fact this is not limited to woman. I think that most men really like being Romantic, if the truth be known.  

When my wife and I go bike riding I want that to be a romantic experience. Go to the beach… same thing. Out to dinner, walk on the boardwalk, have breakfast or just pick weeds together, I see all of it through the eyes of a hopeless romantic. 

I’ll bet many of you feel that way too. To that end I made this simple video below. The featured image is that of two of my favorite entertainers, Steve and Eydie.

(Eydie’s maiden name was Garmazzano by the way)

Hope you enjoy this brief video 

Everybody Loves Italian

 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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