Lighted Candles

In the lighting of candles we remember and truly live the words of Our Lord: “I am the Light of the World.” In the lighting of candles we not only pray, but our prayers become smaller symbols of the One Light of Christ. In burning candles, our prayers rise up to Heaven day and night

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Dominick DICARA

Praying for my dad. God's newest angel.

My Great Grandson

He is a beautiful 32 month old dying of Tay-Sachs disease. We are praying for a cure for this horrible disease.

Aunt Angie Baldi/ DiChristpher

In honor for my aunt Angie who just went home to the Lord. She was the sweetest lady I have ever known whom loved the Lord. May she Rest In Peace.

Bob, Dave and. Rose

Bob & Dave RIP. I miss you both very much. Rose ( myself )to heal and be healthy again soon.

The Kaufman/Wisneski families

Please Dear Jesus, bless this family and help them through this very difficult timeā€¦.

Sal Comado

Comfort for him with the loss of his wife Dagnijia of 52 years

Nancy antonio

For my sister

Mom pop sister

Their all angels and bless me being around my brother my daughter and my granddaughters



Mom & Dad

Missing you both so much but I know your happy that your together again. I will see you again some day. Luv ya <3

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