Remembering Anisette – “Visiting” during the Christmas Holidays


“Visiting” during the Christmas Holidays


When I was growing up in a huge Italian family we always visited our cousins during the holidays. Unlike today for some unknown reason somehow we always had time to visit family.

My dad would put us in the car and he would drive from the outskirts of the city to West Philly or South Philadelphia and we would visit. Something completely foreign   to people today.

And when you arrived the adults always had something to eat. Coffee was always on and…. if it wasn’t lunch or dinner time one of our aunts would bring out the Anisette along with cookies, pizzeles or biscotti. It was never a question… no one asked “what are you drinking?”

As I recall it was always Anisette.

Hope you enjoy this short video below as Frank remembers Anisette…

Another one of those “Priceless Memories” from

Growin’ Up Italian

Always remember

Everybody Loves Italian

 We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank

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  1. Yes these italian traditions were very common in my family.
    The cordial glasses,anisette and always espresso coffee little
    Demitasse cups. I really miss these traditions these days.
    But those were the good old Italian days.

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