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Delicious Garlic Bread – Laura Vitale Italian Cook

Garlic Bread Laura in the Kitchen We never had this growing up in our house but now that it has pretty much been considered a staple in many restaurants I have developed a taste for this Garlic Bread.  Join us on the NEXT PAGE for this Delicious Recipe 

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Chicken Saltimbocca – Laura Vitale

Chicken Saltimbocca Laura Vitale Recipe Saltimbocca translates into Italian as  “Jumps in the mouth”. In this recipe Laura substitutes Chicken for the traditional Veal. The Chicken or Veal is topped with prosciutto, sage and/or basil.   Marinated in wine, oil or saltwater depending on the region or one’s own taste, this dish is also occasionally topped with […]

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Delicious Potato Soup – Laura Vitale – ItaIian Cook Book

Delicious Potato Soup Laura Vitale  * This is a recipe that I love. I don’t know…. there is something about potatoes…. Maybe it’s because they were never a major part of our diet as Italians. In fact now that I think about it we did have a few different things that included potatoes that now, […]

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