World War II – Sam Mastrogiacomo – Tail Gunner

Sam Mastrogiacomo

Tail Gunner – World War II

Sam is in his 97th year this year. Talk about an inspiration… This is one you’ll remember.

Another one of the Greatest Generation. 

Sam Mastrogiacomo, a veteran of the 445th Bomb Group, was a tail gunner who took part in the Gotha Mission, which at 2 hours and 25 minutes was the longest running battle between American bombers and German fighter planes in World War II.

Just above the video below is the link to the whole interview that Sam did back in 2005 about his experience during the war. It’s well worth reading… in fact it will give you chills. 

Heros… well this is a true hero. Not the storybook kind you read about today. Take a moment  and read his account.


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