Frank Sinatra as Jimmy Durante with Jimmy Durante as his Father – PRICELESS

Frank Sinatra as Jimmy Durante with Jimmy Durante as his Father.


Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante together. There is not much you can say about this one except that it is a MUST WATCH. Frank Sinatra plays Jimmy Durante and Jimmy Durante plays his father. Very Unique, Rare and definitely Priceless…….

Jimmy Durante

For those who may not remember Jimmy Durante he was very simply a wonderful performer. An absolute pleasure and a very funny man. Jimmy did a great deal of charity work for children. He was truly a beloved personality back in the day.

James Francis Durante (February 10, 1893 – January 29, 1980) was an American singer, pianist, comedian, and actor. His distinctive clipped gravelly speech, Lower East Side Manhattan accent, comic language-butchery, jazz-influenced songs, and prominent nose helped make him one of America’s most familiar and popular personalities of the 1920s through the 1970s. He often referred to his nose as the schnozzola (from the Yiddish slang word “schnoz” [big nose]), and the word became his nickname.

Take a moment and watch this absolutely hysterical clip from long ago. We know you’ll enjoy it. Two wonderful and classic performers together. Gotta Love it..!

Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante

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