Braised Lamb Shanks & Gnocchi – OMG – YUM

Braised Lamb Shanks




I love Lamb. Made correctly the meat is delicious. Not mutton …. but lamb. Just last month I made lamb shank by cleaning the meat and then marinating in a mixture of herbs, spices and red wine. We served the lamb shank with gnocchi and tomato sauce.  The result was awesome. Absolutely melt in your mouth delicious.


Lamb Shank & Gnocchi


A meat shank or shin is the portion of meat around the tibia of the animal, the leg bone beneath the knee. Lamb shanks are often braised whole; veal shanks are typically cross-cut.


Lamb Shank


Lamb shanks are a value-priced cut of meat that with a few hours of slow cooking, can become tender to the bone while developing luxurious flavor with other ingredients like rosemary, or white beans, or garlic. … The shank is the lower front or rear legs of this four-legged animal, essentially the shin.


Lamb Shank & Gnocchi

In this video Tatiana shares here method of  braising Lamb to combine with Gnocchi for a wonderful winter time dish.  It is a wonderful recipe for us to enjoy. 




At the moment as I write this I am in southern Italy where sheep are everywhere. Before arriving in Italy I spent 3 months in southern Australia where again Sheep are common place. Lamb seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate. No in between. I just think that often people have a pre-disposed notion of lamb because years ago in America mutton was actually the thing. Lamb on the other hand is tender and really delicious. In our home we just can’t seem to get enough. Absolutely Wonderful.

Hope you enjoy this wonderful Video Recipe





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