Cioccolata Calda – Heaven in a Cup Decadent Hot Chocolate “Italiana”

Heaven in a Cup

Hot Chocolate Italian Style

“Cioccolata Calda”


Note from Meg Collins: “I went to Italy eight years ago and we stayed in Florence for three days. Every morning my sister and I would be up early and we’d be downstairs waiting for breakfast. A woman came downstairs and we were just sitting there waiting (My sister was 6 and I was 8) for our family to wake up.

She made us this hot chocolate (almost like a pudding). We had it for the next two mornings we were in Florence. It was Heaven in a cup. I’ve always wondered what it was called, and until now I could never find out a recipe. Of course it’s….

Hot Chocolate……. ¬†Italian Style!


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Cioccolata Calda

“Dense” Hot Chocolate

Italian Style

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