Little Italian Girl asking for a Pepsi – Adorable – Never gets old

Little Italian Girl asking for a Pepsi


Never gets old – Capisci…?


Remember this cute commercial? The little Italian Girl along with her grandfather go to a restaurant and asks for a Pepsi. The guy behind the bar gives her a Coke instead. Next thing you know the voice of Don Corleone comes out of her mouth and….

….. the rest is history.

I haven’t seen it for a while but it never gets old. 

Its a brilliant commercial actually. She walks in with her grandpop and innocently asks for a Pepsi Cola. The guy behind the bar apparently doesn’t have Pepsi Cola on tap so he substitutes a Coke without asking or telling her.

Her reaction is priceless as she calls the bar tender over in the voice of Vito Corleone. As he approaches she gives him another chance to “make amends” as she says.

He, the bartender then goes in the back and gets a can of Pepsi which he opens and gives her with a very concerned look on his face obviously worried about his future health now that he has disappointing La Donna.

As she takes her first sip the busboy who is watching (with bubble gum in his mouth) is blowing a bubble at the same time. Just at the right moment the bubble bursts which sounds like a gun shot and everyone in the place dives for cover. That is except for the little girl and her grandfather who as the dust settles and people begin peering out from under the overturned tables merely says with the cutest face… “Grazie”.

I just have to think that the people that came up with this commercial skit had to have a good time doing it. I think its priceless. 


Too Funny




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