PRICELESS – Nonna using a New I-phone (Hilarious)

Nonna’s New I-phone



I have to shake my head when I watch this. Can’t imagine what is going through her mind. A machine that you actually talk into and give it a command and then it answers you. Unbelievable. 

Thinking back they had trouble with the English language for God’s sake this would have been really something to witness. 

We embrace this Italian nonna for trying to keep up with technology. But the frustration on her face and in her response just cracks me up. My friend Luigi used to talk to me in broken English back in the day and he couldn’t believe that people had such a hard time understanding him.

Imagine how he would react if he had the same problem from a machine!

Too Funny

Maybe when her grandchildren or great grandchildren come over, they will be able to teach her how to use her new iphone.  

We hope you enjoy this video.

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Enjoy – Nonna – Enjoy

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