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Zuppa Inglese (Italian sponge cake with pastry cream)

 Zuppa Inglese (Italian sponge cake with pastry cream) Despite its name (“English soup”), this is a traditional ancient Italian dessert made with pan di spagna (“Italian sponge cake”), alchermes liquor and crema pasticcera (“Italian pastry cream”). It’s simply creamy and delicious, trust me!   ZUPPA INGLESE Preparation time: 180 min   Serving: 5 Ingredients for pan […]

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Heaven on a Plate – Cannoli Cream Puff Recipe

Cannoli Cream Puffs Cannolis are delicious. Cream Puffs are delicious. Put the two together and you end up with something unbelievably delicious.  There are many areas of the world, where you cannot get a cannoli, but you should be able to make these no matter where you live. Cannoli Cream Puffs Ingredients Pastry Puffs: 1 […]

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