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Dean Martin Show – Featuring Dean & Norm Crosby

Dean Martin Show   Featuring DeanMartin & Norm Crosby   Dean Martin – Another great clip from the Dean Martin show. This one features Dean Martin & Norm Crosby. Really Cute Piece     The Dean Martin Show was a TV variety-comedy series that ran from 1965 to 1974 for 264 episodes. It was broadcast by NBC and hosted by […]

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Dean Martin and Dom DeLuise – Cue Cards – PRICELESS…!

Dean Martin and Dom DeLuise  PRICELESS MOMENT Cue Cards Dom and Dean read a story off of cue cards, then mix up the cue cards and read the story again.   Dean Martin was initially reluctant to do the show, partially because he did not want to turn down movie and nightclub performances. His terms […]

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Dean Martin & Foster Brooks – Drunken Airline Pilot

 Dean Martin & Foster Brooks Drunken Airline Pilot  This video is hilarious and possibly the Funniest Video of all time.  Foster Brooks you may recall impersonated a Drunk. That was his thing. And as a recovered alcoholic he really had it down. In this piece Dean Martin is having a hard time trying to keep […]

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