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Coppola’s Notebook on ‘The Godfather’

~ The Godfather ~   Francis Coppola explains how he adapted the original novel by Mario Puzo. Coppola shows (for the first time) his original “prompt book” containing all of his notes and observations that would be used to plan the screenplay and production design of the now classic film. An intimate look inside the […]

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Francis Ford Coppola : How The Godfather was made

Francis Ford Coppola Getting Marlon Brando cast as Vito Corleone in The Godfather took a lot of tenacity, grit, and determination on Coppola’s part.  This is how genius works. Coppola knew Brando was the guy, and fought for it until the very end. We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank #EverybodyLovesItalian www.EverybodyLovesItalian.com 

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