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Frank Granieri – “Egg’s in a Nest” Frank’s Thought Growin’ Up Italian

Eggs in a Nest Magical Way to Enjoy Eggs Remember Moonstruck when Rose was making eggs for Loretta? Eggs in a piece of toast with a hole in it.  This is our favorite way to serve eggs especially for the grandchildren. Just seems special. I remember my Mom making our breakfast this way long ago. […]

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Frank Granieri – Growin’ Up Italian – Football Kisses

Frank Granieri Frank’s Thought Growin’ Up Italian “Football Kisses” * When my son first began playing football in High School he very quickly realized that football players in high school typically don’t kiss their dads hello as they are being dropped off.  Well my sons and I as their father always have kissed one another […]

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Cent’ Anni – I Hope you live a Hundred Years

Cent’ Anni * What is the secret to a long life…? Is it good living…? An excellent Gene Pool…? Or the luck of the draw….?  Funny how so many people from “the other side” lived long and productive lives without prescription medication. My uncles that lived into their 90’s danced with their wives, played golf […]

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