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Frank Granieri Growin’ Up Italian – Wonderful Grandparents

Frank Granieri  Growin’ Up Italian Wonderful Grandparents It always has fascinated me how people emigrated to America and other countries, usually  couldn’t speak the language and somehow made a success of themselves. In my case all four of my grandparents came from Italy back in the early part of the last century. They came with […]

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Cent’ Anni – I Hope you live a Hundred Years

Cent’ Anni * What is the secret to a long life…? Is it good living…? An excellent Gene Pool…? Or the luck of the draw….?  Funny how so many people from “the other side” lived long and productive lives without prescription medication. My uncles that lived into their 90’s danced with their wives, played golf […]

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Da’ Backhousa’ – “Priceless” word from back in the day?

Da’ Backousa’ I’ll bet anyone of Italian ancestry whose family moved to an english speaking country back in the day remembers this word. Backhousa’ My grandparents on my Dad’s side had 11 children during the early part of the last century. My Grandfather built their home in Willow Grove Pennsylvania. It was a typical Italian […]

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