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Frank Sinatra – Mack the Knife

Sinatra Mack the Knife The main character of this song is a swashbuckling thief named Macheath. He’s a dashing romantic, a gentleman pickpocket, a Robin Hood type. He is polite to the people he robs, avoids violence, and shows impeccable good manners while cheating on his wife. * Video on THE NEXT PAGE

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Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin – Bandstand 1959

 Bobby Darin Mack the Knife  American Bandstand 1959 * Mack the Knife – Dick Clark introduces Bobby Darin singing “Mack The Knife,” on American Bandstand in Philadelphia 1959.    Dick Clark interviewing Bobby Darin about Mack the Knife   Do you remember Bandstand way back when it was produced in Philadelphia? There was really nothing […]

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