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Emeril’s Late Night Mortadella Panini – OMG…!

Emeril’s Mortadella Panini Rachel Ray Show * If you ask me this is one of God’s Gifts to the World. Panini!!!  Take a look at this video and I dare you to not be ravished by the end. I found myself with a big smile and a huge appetite after watching this. Take a moment […]

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Italian Meat & Cheese Platter

Italian Meat & Cheese Platter Here is a very easy Italian Meat and Cheese platter that anyone can make and it will be a big hit for any party.  You can use any meats and cheese you like, add some olives, stuffed peppers, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, or anything you like. On this platter for […]

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Mortadella – History & How It’s Made

Mortadella – History & How It’s Made The smell is unmistakable, slightly spicy, while the taste is full and well balanced, thanks to the presence of lard that sweeten the taste of meat. The Italian mortadella has a centuries-old history and is produced using techniques unique in the world. Mortadella Bologna is marked by the […]

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