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Frank Sinatra “Live”- Concert of the Americas

Frank Sinatra “Live” All or Nothing At All  Concert of the Americas  Frank Sinatra at the Concert of the Americas. This was the first song that Old Blue Eyes recorded as a professional. One of his best too. This particular version was arranged by Nelson Riddle and was featured at the Concert for the Americas […]

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Frank Sinatra – Mack the Knife

Sinatra Mack the Knife The main character of this song is a swashbuckling thief named Macheath. He’s a dashing romantic, a gentleman pickpocket, a Robin Hood type. He is polite to the people he robs, avoids violence, and shows impeccable good manners while cheating on his wife. * Video on THE NEXT PAGE

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Frank Sinatra – “I Won’t Dance” – One of our Favorites

Frank Sinatra – I Won’t Dance * Won’t Dance” is a song featured in Frank Sinatra’s 1956 Capitol album A Swingin’ Affair!   Sinatra rerecorded this song under Reprise in 1962 album featuring Count Basie’s Orchestra, Sinatra-Basie: An Historic Musical First. This rendition was slightly longer than the original Nelson Riddle cut. This song was also, […]

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