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Bruno’s Bakery – Cassata Recipe

Pastry Chef Biagio Settepani shows us, step by step, how to simply make Sicily’s most famous cake, the Cassata. Sicily’s very own…Cassata… We Love Ya, Dominic & Frank #EverybodyLovesItalian www.EverybodyLovesItalian.com 

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“Cannoli Cream” – True Sicilian Recipe

“Cannoli Cream” True Sicilian Recipe Cooking With Nonna Rosella Rago * This wonderful recipe comes to us from Rosella Rago the star of Rosella’s “Cooking with Nonna”. * Find the Rosella’s Recipe on  THE NEXT PAGE

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MAGNIFICENT SICILY – Up Close and Personal

  MAGNIFICENT SICILY – Up Close & Personal So many of our families emigrated here from this Beautiful Island. But to many Americans all we know about Sicily is what we saw in the Godfather movie…. an arid somber place. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sicily or Sicilia as it is propefly […]

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