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In later seasons, many regular performers were added, such as Dom DeLuise and Nipsey Russell in sketches set in a barber shop; Kay Medford and Lou Jacobi in sketches set in a diner, and Medford also pretending to be the mother of Martin’s pianist, Ken Lane. Leonard BarrGuy MarksTom BosleyMarian MercerCharles Nelson Reilly, and Rodney Dangerfield were also featured on multiple occasions, while bandleader Les Brown was a regular.

During the inaugural 1965–1966 season, The Krofft Puppets were seen regularly. Their stint, however, only lasted 8 episodes. Sid and Marty Krofft recall in an interview that they were fired because of an incident involving Liberace, for whom they’ve previously worked, and who was a great fan of their puppets. Sid states: “And he [Liberace] asked his fan club to write Dean Martin a letter and tell Dean Martin that there isn’t enough puppetry on the show.” Many of the letters were nasty and came in great amounts: “And so, can you imagine getting over 250 thousand letters like that in a matter of a couple of weeks, and well, he really didn’t like that and fired us.”

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