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Semolina Bread

Semolina Bread by cooking with nonna There is nothing like your own fresh baked Semolina Bread! Semolina is the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat mainly used in making upma, pasta, and couscous. The word semolina can also refer to sweet dessert made from semolina and milk. The term semolina is also used to designate coarse middlings from other varieties of wheat, and from other grains, […]

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Italian Yogurt Sundaes with Berries – GialloZafferano

Italian Yogurt Sundaes with Berries GialloZafferano / Yellow Saffron   * Yogurt is not a traditional Italian food but in today’s world it seems to be very popular so we thought we would share this delicious desert. Hope you Enjoy.   Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. It […]

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The World’s Best Cannoli Dip – Family Recipe

Jann’s Famous Cannoli Dip – Family Recipe The Best Cannoli Dip Ever! <<scroll down for video>> WARNING – IF YOU BRING THIS TO A PARTY, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS ASK YOU TO BRING IT ALWAYS This is our personal cannoli dip recipe. It was passed down from Dominic’s wife’s family and modified to our liking. We […]

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