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Sanguinaccio – Black Pudding

Sanguinaccio – Black Pudding Italian Black pudding or Sanguinaccio also in Swedish: blodpudding, Estonian: verivorst, Finnish: mustamakkara, French: boudin noir, Spanish: morcilla and Portuguese: morcela is a type of blood sausage commonly eaten in England, Scotland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Lithuania. It is generally made […]

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Peeling an Egg Quick and Easy

Peeling an Egg Quick and Easy – Italian Cook / Chef Jack Scalfani explains the easy and quick way to peel an egg. Hard-boiled eggs are boiled for longer than soft-boiled eggs, long enough for the yolk to solidify. They can be eaten warm or cold. Hard-boiled eggs are the basis for many dishes, such […]

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Multiple ways to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

The Easiest Way to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg Trying to peel a hard boiled egg can sometimes be a a pain. ¬†These videos will show you how to peel a hard boiled egg in only a few seconds. ¬†Watch the videos below and let us know which one if your favorite. Hard-boiled eggs can […]

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