Italian Bread Homemade by Italian Grandma’ Gina

Italian Bread Homemade


Italian Grandma’ Gina

In Her Most Beautiful Broken English




What would Italians be without bread.? Especially home made crusty Italian Bread. 


Crusty Italian Bread


I love bread, plain and simple. If I had to choose one simple thing to eat every day if I had a choice it would be a hot piece of Italian crusty bread with either Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top with salt, pepper and oregano. Or a top quality high fat butter slathered over the top. 

I love Olive Oil on fresh bread no question but butter like that rich and delicious is just as wonderful on fresh bread. OMG.. in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee.


Italian Bread and Olive Oil


My grandmother’s family in Maida Calabria were bakers. She used to make the most wonderful and delicious bread. Take a piece on Sunday morning and dip it into the tomato sauce and you’re in heaven. 


Sunday Gravy


With all the bad press bread has received recently I have cut back on my bread intake. At least on the middle of the bread which I remove and feed to the birds. There was actually a study done a few years ago by the Germans of all people the result of which was that the crust is much better for us than the middle of the bread. The crust accorning to the study is actually good to help prevent cancer. So, I buy the best bread that I can find but with the most crust to inside dynamic so that I’m not throwing away too much bread. I have really learned to do this all the time and it has allowed me to eat more bread again.


Dean and Deana Martin

Funny story some years ago when doing our radio show Dom and I interviewed Dean Martin’s daughter Deana. She told the story of her dad and the way he always told her to take the inside of the bread out and throw it away. Only eat the crust he said. And…. he was always in good shape. So if its good enough for Dean it’s good enough for me.



Hope you enjoy this adorable video by

Italian Grandma’ Gina and then… 

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