Italian Bread Homemade by Italian Grandma’ Gina

Italian Bread Homemade


Italian Grandma’ Gina


What would Italians be without bread.? Especially home made crusty Italian Bread. 

Crusty Italian Bread

I love bread, plain and simple. If I had to choose one simple thing to eat every day if I had a choice it would be a hot piece of Italian crusty bread with either Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top with salt, pepper and oregano. Or a top quality high fat butter slathered over the top. 

I love Olive Oil on fresh bread no question but butter like that rich and delicious is just as wonderful on fresh bread. OMG.. in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee.

Italian Bread and Olive Oil

My grandmother’s family in Maida Calabria were bakers. She used to make the most wonderful and delicious bread. Take a piece on Sunday morning and dip it into the tomato sauce and you’re in heaven. 

Sunday Gravy

Hope you enjoy this adorable video by

Italian Grandma’ Gina and then…  



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