BBQ Stuffed Calimari

BBQ Stuffed Calimari

Whole calamari stuffed with crumbs and green onions, wrapped with bacon and studded with rosemary


Serves: 6

  •     6 calamari

  •     6 sprigs rosemary

  •     4 slices of bread (crumbed to equal 2½ cups)

  •     2 chopped onions

  •     6 slices of bacon

  •     salt and pepper to taste

  •     arugula for serving on and lemon slices for dousing


  1.     Mix bread and green onions with ¼ tsp each of salt and pepper.

  2.  Stuff each squid.

  3.  Wrap each with a slice of bacon, poke with a rosemary sprig and salt and pepper each.

  4. Place on a 400 degree bbq and close the lid.

  5. Check after 7 minutes. You’re looking for cooked bacon and bright white calamari.

  6. Serve on a bed of arugula, dressing with fresh lemon juice.

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