Boil Chestnuts for All Saints Day

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Boil Chestnuts for All Saints Day


Another of the very old  customs linked to All Saints Day is to eat autumn fruits. When at night families gathered by the fire to lit candles and pray for the souls of their dead, they’ll cook chestnuts


  •      2 lb fresh chestnuts , approx 1 kg

  •     ¾ gallon water , approx 3 liters

  •      2 bay leaves

  •      1 tbsp salt

  •      1 tsp fennel seeds (optional, for extra flavor)

  •      Olive oil or other vegetable oil


  1.   Start by rinsing fresh chestnuts in cold water.

  2.    Using a small sharp knife make a small cut on each chestnut. For boiled chestnuts It’s enough just to dig in a tip of the knife.

  3.    Transfer chestnuts to a large pan and fill it with cold drinking water. Add bay leaves and a drop of olive oil.

  4.     Bring to boil and cook on low heat for 25-30 minutes. Cooking time depends on the size of chestnuts. The large the nuts more time it need to be cooked.

  5.     To test, take out one chestnut at 25 minute mark and cut it open. If the pulp is soft and creamy chestnuts are done. If not let cook for another 10 minutes and taste again.

  6.     Once ready, drain chestnuts and pass them quickly under running water.

  7.     Wrap first, in a large piece of parchment paper (to absorb excess water), then wrap in a kitchen linen towel and let rest for a few minutes.