Bread Making – Old World Sicilian – Field to Table – Fascinating

 Bread Making

Old World Sicilian


From the Field to the Table

Delicious Old World Bread

This is truly a fascinating video.

Bread Making – It’s not a recipe as much as it is a film that takes you from harvesting in the field, to making the dough, to preparing the ancient brick oven, to putting the dough to bed and praying for it’s success, to making and enjoying the Bread.

The producer goes back to Sicily to the town where his family emigrated from and together with his Cousin he helps her make the bread. It is a long video but take my word for it. It’s Fascinating.

Old World Italian Bread

Bread Making requires that they go into the field with an old fashioned scythe and cut down the wheat. Then after taking the wheat to town they deposit it into a circle where horses walk and stomp it to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Bread Making – separating the wheat from the chaff.

After that is completed he goes into the oven room with his cousin where she prepares the bread dough. That alone is worth the time.

She preheats the oven with sticks and logs. Then after she awakens the loaves from “sleeping” she puts them into the oven for baking.

It’s simply fascinating.

Then, when finished they take the left over dough and fry it. Fried Dough is delicious all by itself.

Italian Fried Bread Dough

So in summation this is one of the most interesting videos of any kind that I have seen before. Take a few moments and watch it. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the Video Below




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