Classic skit with Abbott & Costello. Very funny! Two Tens for a Five

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Classic skit with Abbott & Costello. Very funny! –

Abbott & Costello: “Two Tens for a Five”

William “Bud” Abbott and Lou Costello


Bud Abbott was a veteran burlesque entertainer from a show business family. He worked at Coney Island and ran his own burlesque touring companies. When he met his future partner in comedy, Abbott was performing in Minsky’s Burlesque shows.

Lou Costello (1906–1959) had been a burlesque comic since 1930 after failing to break into movie acting and working as astunt double and film extra. As a teenager, Costello had been an amateur boxer in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey.

The two men first worked together in 1935 at the Eltinge Burlesque Theater on 42nd Street—now the lobby of the AMC  Empire movie complex in New York. When AMC moved the old theater west on 42nd Street to its current location, giant balloons of Abbott and Costello were rigged to appear to pull it.

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