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 Weddings vs Funerals

Very Funny


This is a comedian named Larry Noto. He has a very comical view of Italian Weddings and Funerals. 


Do you remember those great weddings with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc…? And the Funerals when everyone came and paid their respects…? Lines out the door often extending down the sidewalk…?

Well….. then you’ll laugh at this cute piece by Larry Noto.

Often the only time you see your cousins any more is at Weddings or Funerals and as Larry notes the dialogue is almost the same at both events. Usually Truth is funnier than Fiction. 


Very Cute Video

Italian Weddings Vs Funerals is a comedy skit by Larry Noto.  If you have not seen this, you need to watch.  Larry does a great job comparing the two and  this video is proof that inflection when speaking makes all the difference.  We hope you enjoy this video.  Larry Noto did a great job with Italian Weddings Vs Funerals.


Weddings vs Funerals

Italian Style



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