Coronavirus – Listen to Nonna Alice Brignani


Listen to Nonna Alice Brignani

This is a really cute piece by Nonna Alice Brignani about how to deal with the complications not only surrounding the virus of the moment but life in general. 

There is not much to say really except take a moment and watch her explain. It really is adorable. 

Honestly I put as much or more faith in the knowledge and experiences of Grandparents than I do with most of the doctors of today.


Alice has a lot to say about simple things and reminds us that discrimination lasts long after the Pandemic subsides. 

For me it makes me think of the wisdom of our ancestors that sometimes gets ridiculed as an Old Wives Tale so I thought I would list a few just for information. I have done all of them at one time or another

How ’bout you?

Meanwhile give a listen to Nonna Alice in the video below.

You’ll enjoy it.



What are called old Wives Tales are the sayings we often grew up hearing. But old wives tales have mostly proven themselves to be on par with urban myths in the credibility stakes.

However, there are a few of these old wives tales that are not only reliable but incredibly helpful!


Chicken soup cures a cold

While chicken soup is undoubtedly nourishing, could it actually cure a common cold? Well, according to scientists a bowl of chicken soup may slow down the activity of white blood cells, reducing inflammation in the lungs and in turn improve cold symptoms.


Onion relieves pain from insect stings

While chopping onions is renowned for causing eye pain and tears, the humble onion can actually help relieve pain from stings. Rubbing a piece of onion on bee, wasp or other insect stings can help break down the toxins from the sting and reduce swelling.


Clean your windows and mirrors with newspaper

It might seem a strange tip, but it’s true that newspapers are a great way to clean glass surfaces. The rigid paper with its dense fibres makes it more effective than paper towels. 


Remove furniture scratches with walnuts

Timber furniture looking a bit worse for wear? Believe it or not but walnuts can make your scratched furniture look as good as new. Just rub a walnut on the mark and the oils, colour and texture of the walnut will work to fill in the scratch leaving it looking fresh.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away

We all grew up with this wives tale and while it was often used to help encourage children to reach for fruit if they were hungry, there appears there is some truth to it! Apparently, the high levels of phenolics in apples are a potent antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer. A study for researchers at Cornell University also suggests that apples could also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Take a moment and Watch Alice with subtitles below

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