Frank Sinatra Special: Elvis First Appearance out of the Army – 1960

Frank Sinatra Special

Elvis ‘s First Appearance out of the Army

Welcome Home Elvis was a 1960 television special on ABC starring Frank Sinatra.



The Frank Sinatra Special featured Elvis Presley in his first televised appearance since coming home from his military service in Germany.

This particular Frank Sinatra show was a great success grabbing 41.5 percent of the ratings on that night.


Welcome Home Elvis


Welcome Home Elvis

Frank Sinatra

Timex Special 1960


The Frank Sinatra special was officially titled “It’s Nice to Go Traveling”, but is more commonly known as Welcome Home Elvis having featured Elvis on his first TV appearance in three years.


Frank Sinatra Welcoming Elvis back from the Army


This was also Frank Sinatra’s fourth and final television special that he did for sponsor Timex.


Frank and Elvis


This particular show featuring Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley together was a great success grabbing 41.5 percent of the ratings on that night.

During that era they were probably the two most famous entertainers in the World. 


Frank and Elvis



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Interesting Facts

Elvis performed a duet with Sinatra. He performed Sinatra’s classic “Witchcraft” while Frank performed the Elvis classic “Love Me Tender”.

Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. sing a duet together in this show: Shall We Dance, after Davis did some impersonations. Davis also sang “There’s A Boat Dat’s Leaving Soon For New York” earlier that show. The show was a great success grabbing 41.5 percent of the ratings. Excerpts from this show appear in Warner Bros.’ 1981 documentary film This Is Elvis.

On March 26, at 6.15pm, taping for the show took place at the Fontainebleau Hotel. It was Presley’s first appearance on television in over three years, and his first serious performance since 1957, making Presley nervous about how he would be received. Colonel Parker, perhaps due to nerves of his own, had arranged for as many Presley fans as possible to fill the audience, although at least half of it was still made up of middle-aged Sinatra fans. For the occasion, to fit in with Sinatra’s “rat pack” persona, Presley wore a tuxedo.


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