Frank Granieri – Roast Pork Sandwich – OMG

Roast Pork Sandwich

Chef John from Food Wishes 

Roast Porchetta & Arugula Sandwich

Chef John is one of our favorites here at Everybody Loves Italian. He always has a unique way of presenting his recipes and… he always chooses the best recipes to share. This particular one will make your mouth water. Just the way he stuffs the Porchetta is enough to get the taste buds enlivened.


This one is as tender as they come. And with all of the herbs he uses well… there is nothing quite like his Porchetta.


Take a few minutes and watch his video. For get the cheese steak, hamburger, rueban, cutlet… I don’t care which. The Roast Pork sandwich especially this one will satisfy even the most critical sandwich lover.

Porchetta Style Pork Shoulder Roast and Sandwich