Italian Cook – Fried Long Hots – Simple Recipe

Italian Cook – Fried Long Hots – Simple Recipe

“How’s It Rate”

In this video the gentleman from “How’s It Rate” takes a little different approach to the peppers. He cuts them in half first and then fries them in a combination of Olive Oil and Water. It is a bit different than what I’m used to but it looks good and worth a try. I love Long Hots.

I honestly don’t know the correct name of this pepper, but “long hots” will have to suffice since that is what we have always called them. Long hots seem to show up at most Italian family’s events and there’s no end to possible uses.

If you don’t like spicy things, just stop reading now. The heat varies from pepper to pepper, but prepare yourself for the worst as to avoid an uncomfortable surprise. Even though we drink wine every day I have to say that these are really great with a loaf of crusty bread and a cold beer. Just make sure you have a dry cloth over your shoulder to take the perspiration off of your brow as your enjoy. On Christmas Eve we put out a big plate of long hots with focaccia bread as a sort of starter for the holiday dinner.

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