“GABADOST” – Italian American Slang Word of the Day w/ Stevie B


Italian American Slang Word of the Day

w/ Stevie B

Actually means

Capa Dura or Capa Dosta

Hard Head or Stubborn

Growin’ up I heard this over and over again. When someone was particularly stubborn my mother, frustrated would refer to him or her as a Capa Dosta or Hard Head.

“Capa Dosta”


If you grew up in an Italian American or for that matter any Italian / English speaking Immigrant family…. didn’t matter if you were first, second or third generation you heard these slang words.

Actually many of them were simply words that had been bastardized in the transition from Italian or from a particular Italian dialect into English.

In these videos Stevie B. in a non vulgar way brings back these adorable words for us to hear again. Some people take offense saying that we are in some way dimunizing our culture. On the other hand these are fond memories we have of our Italian ancestry.

Anyway you will see what I mean. We applaud Stevie for putting these together. Really cracks me up and… Not only does he say and describe the Italian or Dialect version of the word he also expresses the same thing in “Proper English”. Just Too Funny. So take a moment and let Stevie entertain you with the Italian Slang word of the Day. We can all use a good laugh.

“Mamma Mia is he a Hard Head!”


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