Gourmet Flavored Pasta: How to Dye Pasta to Eat

Gourmet Flavored Pasta: How to Dye Pasta to Eat

Colors are happiness! Think about how can be funny and cool prepare different colored pasta for your special occasions! Only natural ingredient to create your gourmet pasta recipe.

How to Color Pasta to Eat

There are two ways to make colored pasta:

  1. put the coloring ingredient in the boiling water where you’ll cook pasta;
  2. prepare a fresh pasta dough recipe including among the ingredients a coloring one; this is a more elaborate way but also the most interesting and funny one! Preparing a fresh pasta dough is not very difficult: obviously, the first times you will have to understand what is the right consistency, but you will discover that it’s easer than you think! It is also an anti-stress activity: creating something with your hands relaxes your brain and tickle your personal satisfaction.

So, dye your homemade pasta and unleash your kitchen creativity!

Pasta Flavours List (Colored Pasta)

Yellow Pasta Recipe

Yellow is the easier color to obtain! Use a saffron bag every 3.5 oz of flour or, alternatively, a teaspoon of curcuma.

Red Pasta Recipe

Add a tablespoonful of tomato concentrate to the classic egg pasta mixture every 3.5 oz of flour. This kind of freshly colored pasta, thanks to its neutral flavor, will marry well with any type of fish and meat ingredient.

Orange Pasta Recipe

  • Choose a mature pumpkin.
  • Remove the seeds, dice it, wrap the cubes in aluminium foil and cook in the oven, place a layer of salt on the bottom of the pan to absorb the released water.
  • Then remove the pulp from the skin and blend it until obtaining a puree.
  • Remove the excess water by tapping the puree in a wipe, then add it to the dough. Consider that 2 oz of puree, replace one egg.
  • If necessary, add a few spoons of water.

Another natural dye is carrot: process 1.7 oz of boiled carrots every 3.5 oz of flours.

Green Pasta Recipe

Use spirulina powder for a quick preparation, or prefer the traditional green spinach. To get a more homogeneous mixture, after boiling and drying the vegetables, blend directly with the eggs. Use 0.35 oz of boiled spinach every 3.5 oz of flour. If you have a garden, plant some borage and use it in the same quantity. Too complicated? Use simple fresh basil. The classic recipe with green pasta is the Paglia e Fieno recipe, which consists of mixing classic tagliatelle with green tagliatelle to season witha a simple tomato sauce or ragù (Bolognese sauce).

Pink Pasta for Romantic or Fashionable Recipes

For this color use the beetroot: the preboiled one you can find in the supermarket are perfect: blend it and add it to the dough as with the pumpkin (2 oz every 3.5 oz of flours). If necessary reduce the quantity of eggs.

Black Pasta Recipe

Black pasta is a big classic in Italy. Cuttlefish black, a natural dye with a gelatinous texture, is perfect for coloring pasta for sea food recipes: in this case you don’t need to vary the egg dose.

Brown Pasta Recipe

If you love sweet flavors, replace a part of the wheat flour with chestnut flour. Alternatively, use bitter cocoa powder (one teaspoon of bitter cocoa every 3.5 oz of flour): the color will be more decisive, as well as the taste. It is perfect for game sauces.

Well, these are just some ideas that will make you enrich your dishes with color! But you can experiment new formulas and let us know the result in the comment section below. Have fun!

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