Macaroni Made at Home – Priceless Memories

Macaroni (Maccheroni) made at Home.

What memories I have of this. Take a moment and watch this short video and see if it brings back memories for you.

Macaroni made at Home

The name Macaroni comes from Italian maccheroni, plural form of maccherone. The many variants sometimes differ from each other because of the texture of each pasta: rigatoni and tortiglioni, for example, have ridges down their lengths, while chifferilumachelumaconipipepipette, etc. refer to elbow-shaped pasta similar to macaroni in North American culture.

However, Macaroni the product as well as the name derive from the ancient Greek “Macaria”. The academic consensus supports that the word is derived from the Greek, a kind of barley broth which was served to commemorate the dead. In turn, that comes from μάκαρες (makares) meaning “blessed dead”, and ultimately from μακάριος (makarios), collateral of μάκαρ (makar) which means “blessed, happy”.

Macaroni….. the Italian linguist G. Alessio argues that the word can have two origins. The first is the Medieval Greek μακαρώνεια (makarōneia) “dirge” (which would mean “funeral meal” and then “food to serve” during this office (see modern Eastern Thrace‘s μαχαρωνιά – macharōnia in the sense of “rice-based dish served at the funeral”), in which case, the term would be composed of the double root of μακάριος “blessed” and αἰωνίος (aiōnios), “eternally”. The second is the Greek μακαρία “barley broth”, which would have added the suffix -one.

Well that is all very interesting but for us it is real simple. Home made macaroni is just wonderful. And this video puts me in mind of the past. All my aunts, my mom and Grandmom together making macaroni. Wow where did those days go.

Take a moment and enjoy this video and see if it brings back memories for you.

Wonderful video below




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