Valentine’s Day began in Italy – Language of Love

Did you know…Valentine’s Day began in Italy?

Origin of Valentine’s Day  

Italy during the Roman Period.

  Most historians agree Valentine’s Day started in Rome. 

Saint Valentine’s Day

Origin in Rome

Italian is the language of love.

Is  it any wonder that the most Romantic Holiday of the year began in Italy ?! 

  “Valentine’s Day Originated in Italy”

Why doesn’t That Surprise Me… ?!

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Story of Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine of Rome was imprisoned in 496 AD for performing marriages for warriors against  the wishes of the Roman Emperor. 

St. Valentine was sent to jail and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter Asterius.  According to legend, On February 14, 496 AD, St. Valentine wrote a farewell letter to Asterius because he knew he was to be persecuted that day. 

When he signed the note, he signed it “Your Valentine” and many years later this day became known as Valentine’s Day.



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