With a title like pink lemonade moscato, I know I’ve piqued your interest. The best wine with the best fruity drink can in fact combine into a fizzy flavor of fun. Yes, I did just say fizzy flavor of fun. It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m in my pajamas. The house is a wreck. My toddler is not happy that he can’t in fact watch Curious George for the tenth time today. While sometimes the best laid plans can change at the last minute, I’m am so looking forward to a clean calendar and writing on the first page of a new planner. I am starting the new year continuing to work for myself, and I am full of dreams and ideas. Here’s to staying IN, bubbly beverages, and a new year of balance and blogging (Ha!).

Pink Lemonade Moscato
I feel lame even calling this a recipe, because it’s just a combination of two (or three) of my favorite ingredients. Sure, you can drink pink moscato champagne on its own. But, why not make it a punch? Add fresh fruit slices and enjoy!

Barefoot Bubbly
This is my favorite sparkling wine to drink and use for all occasions. It’s light and refreshing.

Strawberry Lemonade
Look in the soda aisle at your local Walmart for this strawberry lemonade soda. You can also try Crystal Light pink lemonade or any kind of pink drink.

Pink Moscato Punch
Slice fresh lemons and line your cocktail glasses with sugar. It’s the most delightful little drink I’ve had in a while (and I’ve sampled quite a few…).

Pink Moscato Punch

  • 1 bottle of Barefoot Bubbly in Pink Moscato Champagne
  • 1 two liter of Strawberry lemonade soda
  • fresh lemons
  • sugar
  1. In a gallon pitcher, mix the entire bottle of champagne with half the bottle of pink lemonade.
  2. Stir.
  3. Rim each glass with sugar. Top with fresh lemons.
  4. Serve cold!

Pink Moscato
Recipe, Article and Image Sourced: Krystal’s Kitsch

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